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What is Adult Social Care?

At some point in our lives most of us, if not all of us, will need help with everyday living because of an illness or a disability, because we are getting older, or because we are caring for someone.

What does adult social care do?

Adult social care services support people aged 18 years or over who are vulnerable, older, frail, ill or at risk and are in need of some care or support.


Adult social care is responsible for the following activities:

  • assessment of your needs

  • planning your care and support

  • arranging services where appropriate

  • providing community care support where this is appropriate

  • offering support, equipment and adaptations to enable you to safely live at home

  • offering information about care and support services, along with allied supportive services available in the local community and throughout Dudley Borough


We can help:

  • older people (aged 65 or over)

  • adults with learning disabilities

  • adults with autism

  • adults with complex needs

  • adults with mental health conditions

  • adults with physical disabilities

  • adults who are having difficulty with their hearing or sight

  • adults who provide unpaid care for relatives or friends


In addition, Dudley Council has recently launched a ground breaking new all age or whole life disability service. Dudley Disability Service supports children, young people and adults with special educational needs, learning or physical disabilities or autism to live independent and fulfilling lives. This new all age approach ensures a seamless service, from birth to death via a one-stop shop. This innovative tactic may well be adopted for more services as we move forward. 


Overall, our aim for adult social care continues to focus on reducing the demand for long-term care and support, which is where the majority of social care money is spent. We are committed to ensuring that through stronger safer communities and effective preventative support that more people are equipped and supported  to live independently, successfully in their own homes for as long as possible.

To find out more about Adult Social Care visit

Some interesting facts about Dudley Borough

Population – 320,626

Of these people, 58,401 are aged under 15 and 65,175 are aged over 65

Life expectancy

The average life expectancy for men is 78.9 years and for women is 82.9 years

56,000 unpaid carers

live in Dudley Borough, caring for a family member or friend. 

There are 1,354 people

aged over 65 with a learning disability in Dudley Borough. This is expected to rise to 1,619 by 2030

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